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Giving: Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to give monthly or can I give my yearly gift in one lump sum?
Yes. You can give your yearly commitment as a lump sum or break it down to monthly or weekly donations.


Can I choose a date for my donations to be deducted?
One-time donations will be deducted automatically upon successfully submitting the form. For recurring donations, you may either choose the date which you would like your donations to be deducted, or if you don’t choose a date, it will deduct on the date which you give. For instance, if you give on the 15th, it will deduct donations on the 15th of each month


Can I give online?
Yes. Give to the House of Prayer, toward a specific ministry trip listed, or partner with a specific missionary by selecting their name in the drop-down list.


How can I receive a giving statement?
If you are in the US and have given more than $250 over the year we will automatically generate your yearly giving statement at the close of each year. It will be mailed to you by February of the following year.

For Contribution Letter information, please email us at or phone (813) 382-2866.


What if my giving statement is incorrect?
Please contact us immediately if you discover that your giving is not accurately reflected on your statement.


I still have questions not answered here. Can I call or email?
Please call us at (813) 382-2866, or email

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